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Ski Switzerland - 2022

08/04/2022 to 17/04/2022
(Duration 9 nights)
Spaces available: 
The Holiday: 
The Ski Venture is all about a great time skiing, finding out more about God, what life is all about and what being a Christian means.

Under 16s £768, 16-18 £809

Please make sure you read the COVID FAQ page before booking. To find your booking form, please go to, or use the Book Here button.

The Location : 
Accommodation is in small rooms with between 2 and 5 beds in the lovely old Swiss Chalet Im Rohr.
The Activities and The Programme: 
The week includes 7 days of skiing or boarding. There will be 5 two hour lessons over the course of the week. The rest of the time is supervised free ski or boarding.
The Team: 
There are at least 13 leaders who are there to give you the most amazing holiday in the Alps that you can imagine. Some leaders are experienced skiers and others are beginners. As well as the leaders we have group of English speaking ski and snowboard instructors who will provide lessons and some fabulus caterers.

To discuss anything specific to this holiday such as the spiritual or practical details, please contact the leaders or the Ventures and Falcons office.

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chalet im rohr


Geoff Harley-Mason (01564 775519)

Matt Hustwayte (0115 841 0727)

Contact details:

Matt Hustwayte, 18 Crookdole Lane, Calverton, Nottingham, NG14 6GF (0115 841 0727)