Sharing the Ventures story can be great fun, so we've come up with a few ideas to help you get started - but you might have other great ideas too!

Start sharing

Personal recommendation is the reason most people come on a Venture, and sharing your enthusiasm for these holidays makes a vital contribution to what happens every summer. So let's get started!

Start small, dream big

Even if you only have a conversation about Ventures with one young person, just think of the eternal impact that could have! And why stop there? Youth groups which attend a Venture together really benefit from the experience.

Explore all avenues

Display a poster (ask if you need any), hand out brochures, email any youth leaders or parents you know, put a notice in the church news sheet, post links on social media or your church's website. The possibilities are endless!

You're not alone

Ask others in your church to help share Ventures - especially if they've been involved as a leader, parent or member - as personal testimonies make a real difference. They might even have some other bright ideas!

Be up front

Church services are a great place to start sharing Ventures. Talk, share stories, show a video,whatever you think will work best in your church. Youth meetings and small group discussions are also great, but don't forget to talk to the parents too.

Use the resources

Visit to download videos and PowerPoint slides. It's always helpful for people to have something to take away from a conversation or presentation, so hand out copies of the brochures, posters, leaflets and postcards - order online or ask the Ventures office team if you need extra copies of anything.

Have a mini Venture

Organising a youth event or service in the style of a Venture can really help people get a taste of what they could experience on a holiday.

Remind people

Many people book straight away, but others need a reminder or two. Remember, the sooner people decide the more chance they've got of getting on their preferred Venture.

If you don't know, just ask

If anybody has a question you can't answer, there are plenty of FAQs in the brochure and on the website. Venture leaders and the office team will also be willing to help answer anything about the holidays.

Pray!Promoting Ventures

An essential part of whatever you do. Pray about what to do, and continue to pray for all the families and young people you're able to invite to come on a Venture.


You can find all these ideas on our Promoting Ventures sheet (click the image on the right to download), which is also included in our promotional pack.

New to Ventures?

Find out more about Ventures, watch a short video and get involved with Ventures.


We love to see and hear what you've done on your Venture. Tell us your thoughts.

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