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Here are some of the questions we get asked by leaders. If your question isn't answered here then please do get in touch.

How do I get my DIY brochures printed?

Just send us in your design on a CD or by email (if it's not too big) and we'll print the brochures on to the pre-printed brochure paper and send them to you. But please follow these guidelines, otherwise we will not be able to print them:

  • the design should complement the overall Ventures branding and fit in to the white spaces on the pre-printed brochure paper
  • you can see a copy of the brochure paper that your design will be printed onto in the Venture Leaders section of this website, under Resources (this area is password-protected, please contact us if you don't already know the password)
  • if at all possible, send the finished copy to us as a Word or Publisher file - this is the easiest and quickest way for us to print it as it enables us to make minor tweaks so it will fit the paper, if necessary. PDF files may take longer to print if we need to ask you to make changes to the design so it fits the paper
  • please save both sides of your design in one document file, to allow us to print it double-sided
  • if you use any additional fonts, they must be in TrueType format and you must supply them with your file
  • please ensure that photos are resized to an appropriate size before you embed them in the file, otherwise the file sizes are massive and printing is very slow - reasonable resizing before you embed them will not result in any loss of quality.

When will leaders be sent information about criminal record checks?

As soon as they are booked on to OBS - unless we already have a disclosure certificate for them which will be less than three years old at the time of the Venture.

I already have a disclosure certificate from another organisation. Do I still need to get a new one?

Yes. This is in accordance with best practice guidelines issued by the Disclosure & Barring service.

One of my leaders is resident abroad. How do they obtain a DBS check?

Leaders who are resident abroad and who cannot obtain a UK Disclosure, need to get their national equivalent, if one exists. Further information regarding the availability of criminal record information overseas is available from the Ventures office. Anyone resident in the UK is eligible for a Disclosure & Barring service check.

How long do disclosure certificates take to come through?

The average is about four to six weeks, but they can take longer, especially during the busy summer period. The sooner you can send your form in to us the better - as long as there are no errors on the form, we usually have them sent on to DBS the day we receive them.
If after eight weeks your disclosure has still not come through, we can ask the DBS to escalate the application and chase up the relevant police department.

Can I claim expenses for travel to and from the Venture/Falcon Camp?

No, we don't cover the cost of travel to and from the Venture. If you would like to claim for the cost of transporting members during your Venture, speak to your treasurer as it will need to be covered by your Venture's budget.

What is the mileage rate for expense claims?


What is the Ventures Freepost address?

Freepost Plus RTAA-TRZC-ESKH
CPAS Ventures
Sovereign Court One (Unit 3)
Sir William Lyons Road

Can you help me with OBS?

Please see the OBS section of the website, and if that doesn't help, get in touch.

Why promote Ventures?

  • Personal recommendation is the reason most people come on a Venture - either that of a friend or someone else they know.
  • We want as many people as possible to enjoy a life-changing holiday.
  • We can't do it on our own!

Why me?

  • We want to harness the enthusiasm and support of as wide a range of people as possible, particularly leaders and parents.
  • As someone who already has experience of Ventures, you can speak with authority.
  • Leaders and parents often have excellent local contacts and relationships in churches and youth groups across the country.
  • It's really helpful for people to know that there is someone they can talk to about Ventures - even if it's just to find out who else might be thinking about going.

What do I have to do?

  • You can help us share the Ventures message in your church or group - perhaps you can display a poster and some brochures, or put a notice in your church news sheet.
  • It would be even better if you could take the message personally to interested people in your churches or youth groups.
  • You don't have to do it on your own! If other people in your church or group have experience of Ventures, we hope they will be happy to help you share the message.

What resources are available?

  • The Ventures video tells the story of Lydia, a younge person having a great time on one of our Ventures.
  • The Ventures brochure has information on all of our Ventures - the different types we offer, where and when they take place, and the people who attend.
  • The Ventures poster.
  • The Ventures website, which has other materials and helpful information, including a PowerPoint presentation about Ventures.

Who should I talk to?

Young people, parents, youth groups, church congregations... anyone who might be interested. This leaflet includes a number of ideas which could be used in small groups, or church services, or even just amongst friends.

How do I get the message across?

  • The best advocates are young people themselves, so try to have personal testimonies if possible. These don't have to be really slick - just true to the person giving them. If you haven't any young volunteers, ask a leader or parent to give their perspective.
  • Use the video if at all possible - it helps everyone see what happens on a Venture - and how much fun it is!
  • Create a Venture display in an eye-catching place - use the poster and make sure that brochures are available for people to take away.
  • If your church has a website, you can link directly to the Ventures website - this makes it even easier for people to find out more.
  • Ventures are about having fun, so it's good to have fun learning about them too!

Talking to groups

  • Church services are a great place to start sharing the Ventures message, particularly if you are able to use the video. It may even liven up the service for 5 minutes!
  • The video is also a great conversation starter in small groups - if your young people have been before, they can share their experience; if not, you can ask young people to describe what their ideal Venture would be.
  • Parents may not know how much their children can gain from a Venture. You might organise a 'Parent's Evening', or arrange for the video to be shared amongst families who might be interested.

Venture-style events

  • If you can organise an evening youth event or even a service in the style of a Venture, that would be fantastic. A Venture leader is a great help with this.
  • Youth groups which go together on a Venture really benefit from the experience, so consider whether your group could plan a life-changing holiday together.
  • If your group is going, they may want to undertake fund-raising activities in the spring to help subsidise the cost of their Venture. This can be great fun too!

What else should I do?

  • Remind people at regular intervals about Ventures - we find lots of people book as soon as they get their brochure, and many more during January, February and March. Remember that the sooner people decide, the better their chance of getting on their preferred Venture.
  • There may be questions - don't worry, most of the answers are in the brochure or on the website. If someone can't find the answer there, they can ring a Venture leader or the Ventures team.
  • It's always really helpful for people to have something to take away from a presentation, so ask us to send you more copies of the brochure - that's why we have them.
  • Check the Ventures website for the latest information, or to find more resources or information.

New to Ventures?

Find out more about Ventures, watch a short video and get involved with Ventures.


We love to see and hear what you've done on your Venture. Tell us your thoughts.

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