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FAQs for parents/carers


Where are the holidays and when do they run?

You can use the search tool on our website and sort by date and location. Like churches, Ventures vary in style - if this is important to you, contact the Ventures and Falcons Office or a leader on the holiday to chat it over.

How can I find the right holiday for my child?

You can view our holiday listings here, and use the search tool to sort by date and location. You can view our latest brochure, or request one to be sent to you in the post. If you’re still not sure, please contact the Ventures and Falcons Office or the leader listed for a particular holiday.

How old does my child need to be?

We run holidays for 8-18 year olds and each holiday has a specific age range within that. Occasionally leaders may be flexible on this - it's worth asking. Your child must be at least eight years old by the start of the holiday.

How inclusive will the holiday be?

Our goal is to include and welcome every young person, whether they have faith or not, and regardless of family circumstances, race, gender or sexuality (including those who identify as LGBT+). We strive to make sure that every young person has equal access to the opportunities that we offer. If you want to talk things through with someone to make sure we’ve got everything in place for you and can offer you our very best welcome, we’d really encourage you to contact the bookings contact, Overall Leader or the Ventures and Falcons Office.

Does my child need to be a Christian or go to church?

No. Our holidays are suitable for those of any faith or none at all – everyone is welcome. They provide young people with the opportunity to explore life with Jesus in a way that is suitable for someone who is looking at it for the first time or for those who want to be stretched and develop their faith.

How do I book?

Simply make an online reservation or complete a paper booking form inside the centre pages of our brochure and send it to the Bookings Contact for your chosen holiday. If you are interested in our Falcons, please contact the relevant person as listed against the holiday.

Now I've submitted a reservation online what happens next?

Your reservation will have been sent to the Bookings Contact for that particular holiday. You will be notified within 14 days whether your reservation has been accepted. If your reservation is not accepted for any reason (i.e. there are no more places available) we will contact you in writing.

Can I pay by standing order?

Yes. After you have paid the deposit, please contact the Bookings Contact for the specific holiday or the Ventures and Falcons Office.

How do I contact my child during their holiday?

We recommend that children don’t bring mobile phones on our holidays as these can be distracting and get damaged. But you will have a number you can call to speak with your child and they’ll be able to call you if they’d like to.

I've booked my child on to the holiday but I need to contact someone. Who should I call?

The best person to contact to speak to someone about specific details of your booking or relating to the holiday itself is the Overall Leader or Bookings Contact. Their details are listed under the holiday details in our brochure. You can also find these details in the booking confirmation your child would have received in the post. Failing that, please contact the Ventures and Falcons Office.

What is the accommodation like?

Our accommodation is as varied as our holidays, and it will be clear from the brochure whether it is indoors, in tents or on boats. Most of our accommodation is in small or large dormitories. If you'd like to know more, please contact the Ventures and Falcons Office or the leader of the holiday, whose details you can find in the brochure. 

Who do I talk to about my child's needs?

We do everything we can to cater for all children’s needs, whether dietary, physical, or anything else. All we ask is that you let the holiday leaders know at the time of booking about any particular need. If you do not let us know in good time, we may not be able to provide the appropriate care your child would require on the holiday. 

What do we need to take on the Venture and what time should we arrive?

All our holidays are different so we don’t have a set list that covers everything. But don't worry, the leaders of the Venture will contact you in advance with all these details and more.

What about travel?

In most cases, parents and guardians are responsible for the travel arrangements to and from the holiday venue. There may be organised transport arranged by the Venture or Falcon leader. Those who travel independently on public transport can be met at the coach or railway station nearest to the holiday, if you arrange this in advance.

Who's in charge on the holiday?

Our holidays are led by carefully selected volunteers, whose primary responsibility is to provide a safe and enjoyable holiday for young people. We Use the Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) as part of our safer recruitment policy and each holiday has Overall Leaders appointed by and accountable to CPAS.

Will my child be safe?

Your child will be in good hands! Our leaders are carefully selected (including a DBS check) and trained.

Each holiday has a Safeguarding Officer, First-Aider, Healthcare Coordinator (administering medication), Safety Officer (overseeing risk assessments) and Lifeguards (if swimming). We operate with high ratios of leaders to children, typically 1:3. Our safeguarding policy statement can be found here

Ventures and Falcons are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) to provide specified activities such as caving, climbing, trekking and watersports. Licence details can be confirmed by calling the Licensing Authority on 029 2075 5715.

What if I can't afford the cost?

The generosity of our supporters means that limited bursaries are available each year. If you would like to speak to someone or to apply, please contact the Ventures and Falcons Office, your leaders or the Bookings Contact and they can send you the details.

What happens if I need to cancel?

For details regarding cancellation, please refer to our terms and conditions.

The latest version of our terms and conditions can be found in the link at the bottom of every page.

What if I can't find the answer to my question?

For more details about a particular holiday it's best to speak to one of the leaders or the Bookings Contact.

If you have a general enquiry which isn't answered elsewhere, you can contact the Ventures and Falcons Office by emailing or calling 0300 123 0780 (option 1).

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