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What are Ventures?

Ventures are fun-filled holidays that offer young people aged 8-18 the opportunity to make great friends, take part in incredible activities and explore life with Jesus.

They are open to children and teenagers of any faith or none at all, and regardless of family circumstances, race, gender or sexuality - every young person is welcome!

Packed full of adventures and with time to relax, they give young people the chance to make long-lasting, life-enhancing friendships. There's a choice of over 50 Ventures to pick from offering a massive range of activities.

And best of all explore how the promises, challenges and questions in the Bible can apply to life, with the help of our amazing leaders. 

Make friends and enjoy fun-packed activities.

Learn and grow in small groups.

Explore what life with Jesus looks like.

What type of holiday?

Classic - red.png

Classic Venture: The original houseparty-style Venture, with a wide range of activities, games, sports and crafts.

Activity - red.png

Activity Venture: These either specialise in outdoor activities such as climbing, kayaking and mountain-biking or focus on sailing or skiing.

Creative - red.png

Creative Venture: Specialising in drama, music or the arts, these Ventures are all full of opportunities to get creative.

Taster - red.png

Taster Venture: A complete Ventures experience but fewer nights away from home.

Classic Venture

Also known as Houseparties, Classic Ventures are one big happy family. They are the 'pick n mix' of Ventures, offering something for everyone.

A wide variety of sports, games, crafts, trips and downtime allow young people to try new things as well as enjoy what they love doing best. Some also offer a limited range of outdoor activities.

Classic Ventures are all about having fun, exploring what life with Jesus looks like and spending quality time with friends old and new.

'It was incredible and I can't wait for next summer.' 

14 year old on a Venture

Activity Venture

Happiest when you’re halfway up a cliff? Dream about getting drenched? Activity Ventures focus on outdoor pursuits, as well as offering plenty of opportunities to relax with friends, enjoy games and activities and learn about God.

Most offer a range of different outdoor activities through the week such as kayaking, abseiling, ghyll-scrambling, archery, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, raft-building, high ropes and fencing. There are also a small number of holidays which specialise in ski-ing or sailing.

All outdoor activities are covered by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) regulations, so everyone is kept safe while having the experience of a lifetime!

Creative Venture

If you’re keen on dance, drama, music or art (or fancy giving something new a go!) why not try a Creative Venture? A chance to explore your gifts and express yourself, all while getting to know inspiring people and our wonderful Creator God.

Imagine and express ideas about life and faith through creative activities, along with fun trips out, ridiculous games and giggles galore.

Creative Ventures are perfect for budding artists, writers, actors, dancers, singers and performers!

Taster Venture

Taster Ventures are specifically designed for those who want to experience a shorter holiday. They are typically 3-4 nights long and have a similar feel to Classic Ventures.

Whether you are new to Ventures, this is your first time away from home or you merely want to have a shorter break, a Taster Venture offers lots of opportunities to make friends, hear about Jesus and enjoy a mix of activities.

Most of our fantastic volunteer leaders also lead on other, full-length holidays, so a taster can be a great introduction to the wider world of Ventures.

Bursaries and discounts

We want every young person to have the opportunity to enjoy a Venture holiday. Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, we are able to offer financial assistance to young people who would not otherwise be able to attend. We also offer various discounts for groups, which you may be eligible for.