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A Venture or Falcon holiday offers a fantastic opportunity for Christians to serve and to share their faith with young people. 
We are always on the look out for new volunteers to serve on Ventures and Falcons in a huge variety of ways, from admin and action songs to wide games and washing up!

Who leads Ventures and Falcons?

Ventures and Falcons are led by volunteers, overseen by experienced overall leaders under the umbrella of CPAS.

All our leaders are DBS checked in line with our safer recruitment policy. We also require two references for new leaders, including a church reference.

‘The highlight was hearing 30 kids singing to Jesus at the top of their voices.’

Charlotte, Falcons leader

New leaders: Is this for me?

Volunteers come from all walks of life, from students to retirees. Whatever your skills, experience and interests, there will be a part for you to play.

We need people to lead Bible studies, run games, organise crafts, lead sung worship, give talks, cook, help with trips, lifeguard, offer first aid, administer bookings, oversee finances and so much more. And if you're a youth or children's leader, we'd love you to come along with your group.

Family resemblance:

Our leaders are a family of Bible-based, Christ-centred and mission-focused leaders who work within a framework that is shaped by (a) CPAS’ theological convictions; (b) commitment to keeping children safe; and (c) desire to provide fun, personable and fruitful programmes.

(a) Volunteers respect CPAS’ ten core Outworkings of our Faith statements, which include worship, Scripture, repentance, identity, justice, gender, marriage, sexuality, church, prayer and discipleship. These flow from CPAS' Basis of Faith.

(b) Volunteers are carefully selected and trained to provide a culture of welcome, hospitality and safety whilst investing in young lives. This includes seeking to be welcoming of children and teenagers of any faith or none at all, regardless of their family or personal circumstances, race, gender or sexuality; and ensuring accountability and transparency in the way we work with children and young people.

(c) Volunteer teams provide genuine holiday environments through activity and teaching programmes that are creative, faithful, impactful and memorable! This enables children to have fun, make new friends, try new things and make informed conclusions about the Christian faith without pressure or manipulation.


What if I would like to lead, but am unsure about or unsupportive of CPAS' theological convictions, as defined above, or have a criminal record? Read our section on Flexibility in Recruitment.


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Current leaders

If you are leading on an upcoming Venture or Falcon holiday, thank you. By volunteering your time and skills, you are giving young people the chance to explore life with Jesus (not to mention a fantastic holiday)!

‘Pasta bakes, toad-in-the-hole and crumbles are their favourites. If they all go home well fed, I’m happy!’

Sam, Ventures Cook