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Meeting new people


Johanna, 12, went on Kepplewray Venture last summer. She said her Venture experience was fun, friendly and exciting.

I was so looking forward to going on Kepplewray Venture, because I’d never been on a Venture holiday before. I didn’t know anyone else going, but I was excited about meeting people because I just love making new friends.

My favourite activity during the holiday was rock climbing. The instructors were really friendly and the climbs were so much fun. I also got to go bridge jumping and ghyll scrambling! It was awesome because I’d never really done those activities before, and I learnt that I really enjoy them.

I loved the art afternoon too. I chose to make beadings, which I enjoyed so much that I’ve since made lots more for my family and friends.

The morning and afternoon teaching seminars were really fun. The worship music was great, and I found the teaching on the book of John to be really interesting and helpful. I liked how all the leaders shared their personal experiences with us. I learnt that God speaks to us through prayer.

Before I went on the Venture I didn’t know anyone, but I had a great time. Everyone on the holiday was really friendly, including all the leaders. They were super nice and made us all feel at home. All the girls in my dorm were friendly and we all became good friends.

If I had to sum up my Venture experience in three words it would be; fun, friendly and exciting.