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Part of a team


Carol is the booking contact and treasurer for the Haslemere Ventures. She's been involved with Ventures for almost 10 years.

'I first got involved with Ventures when my children started going to Haslemere Ventures, and seeing the love of Christ at work on the Ventures, when asked if I would like to join the team I of course said yes! As well as being the booking contact and treasurer for the Haslemere Ventures, I also look after my elderly mum and my family.

'What I enjoy most about being part of the Haslemere Ventures is seeing the young people grow in their faith. It's so wonderful to see them go on to be junior leaders, and then leaders, and to see them use that faith in their daily life.

'Ventures are great and I feel really blessed that I can use the gifts God has given me to spread His word. I am just a small part of a bigger team, but love the work I do. If we all do a little bit, it isn't arduous, it is enjoyable and a real pleasure.

'Haslemere Ventures can be very busy at times, particularly before the summer Ventures, but I have learnt that being organised helps, and taking time to pray is the answer.

'The great thing about Ventures is that you are not on your own. You are part of a team and you have the superb support of a wonderful team at the Ventures office.'