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Transforming lives

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Kat Taylor, Children and Families’ Worker at Christ Church Moreton (Chester diocese), led on a School Venture for the first time in Spring 2018. She explains how School Ventures are impacting her job.

‘Shortly after I began my role as a Children and Families’ Worker, I decided to serve on the Wirral School Venture. Before I knew it, I was in an astronaut suit on a stage in front of 50 children talking about the Trinity!

‘School Ventures have helped me to develop the skills I really needed for my role at Christ Church Moreton, as well as drastically improving the relationship with our local school. Before the residential I didn’t really feel like I had a place at the school, but now I have an Ethos Group and the children help me with my school assemblies. School Ventures have helped me earn my place.

‘I’ve since served on two further School Ventures, and I’ve seen incredible transformations in some of the children. The highlight for me is always seeing the children switch on to a revelation of who God is and how much he loves them.

‘These residentials really are something special. It’s not like being at school or even at Sunday school for the children. We get to be fully immersed with them from when they wake up until they go to sleep, as they learn about the gospel and process it all. I just love how we get to go through such a long journey with the children in such a short space of time.

‘When we become Christians we have a choice – whether we want to be part of God’s story, or just our own. When we choose to be part of God’s story, it means we’re part of what he’s doing. And he’s doing wondrous things through CPAS, Ventures and Falcons, and School Ventures. It’s incredible to be part of it all.’