As well as the members returning year after year, so do many of our leaders. Find out how you can volunteer, and the rewards that leading on a Venture can bring.

'Leading a Venture is almost as much fun as being on one!'

No-one should doubt the amount of work that goes into preparing and leading a Venture, but likewise no-one should doubt the rewards of helping lead one.

A Venture offers a fantastic opportunity for Christians to serve and to share their faith with young people in an environment without many of the limitations of a church or other youth group. The young people often come with a real desire to learn more about God and really benefit from seeing leaders and volunteers live out their Christian life through the week of a Venture.

There are a huge range of tasks to be fulfilled to deliver a successful Venture, from the planning and administration that starts in the Autumn through to the work of the actual Venture itself - from leading activities through to cooking and washing up.

LeadersAll types of volunteers are required to make this happen, and there are always opportunities to get involved. We welcome many students and other young adults who have been on Ventures themselves, and we equally welcome other people who don't have specific youth work skills for the many practical and technical roles that need to be undertaken on a Venture.

Please contact us for more details about how you might be involved.

Many Ventures run specific training programmes to enable leaders to develop skills for leadership on the Venture which is applicable to wider ministry through the year.

New to Ventures?

Find out more about Ventures, watch a short video and get involved with Ventures.


We love to see and hear what you've done on your Venture. Tell us your thoughts.

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